Emerging Technology

Disruptive Solutions that Increase ROI


Emerging Technology

We go beyond transforming retail and enterprise experiences with the most cutting-edge technologies available, including C#, .NET, Kinect, iOS, Android, Xamarin, Unity, augmented & virtual reality, enterprise systems (e.g., CRM, Sharepoint, web services, Azure, MDM – Mobile Device Management) and device integration (e.g., scanners, point of service, holograms). Our work reinvents the way people engage with brands, how employees interact with technology, and how the latest technologies integrate to create disruptive solutions that increase ROI.


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Tech and Partners

Emerging Technology and Partners

Designing and developing software with advanced technology is generally a complex process. Therefore it is a good philosophy to be focused and go deep with technology. We operate on the ‘narrow and deep’ philosophy with technology and therefore we are able to solve just about every development challenge which we encounter. The outcome of our software and our consulting projects showcase our knowledge and creativity.


Technologies Involved:

  • C#, .Net, Kinect, iOS, Android
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • Video & Photo Capture
  • Facial Recognition
  • Device Integration (eg. Scanners, point of sales, kioks)

Services and Partners

Emerging Technology Services Provided

NXT Systems provides a robust set of resources for monitoring and managing a customer’s infrastructure deployment. We’ve categorized our services below so you can easily understand how we can help you. Together, these make up our holistic approach to client satisfaction.