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Managed Services – Convenience Your IT Staff Deserves

The time, resources, and expertise it takes to manage photo capture solutions can be a barrier for many attractions and their IT departments in particular. You need technology that works reliably, allowing you to focus on your core mission and responsibilities.


With managed photo and video capture services from NXT Capture, you don’t have to worry about the integrity and reliability of the AV and video tools you rely on, nor about your IT staff being taken away from their focus on the network and security. NXT Capture offers remote and onsite services that prevent disruptions, fix problems and handle a wide range of technical and creative functions.


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Monitoring and Management

Shift the responsibility for managing your video communications network to NXT Capture. We have the infrastructure, knowledge and certified team of experts to monitor and support your video systems. Strategic Onsite Solutions that reduce the burden on your IT team. Through our 24x7x365 active device monitoring, live meeting launch and monitoring, and room sweep checks for system integrity, customers can rest assured their solutions will work when needed. Our strong Communicator Proxy is essential to this process, as it allows for secure monitoring and management of IP-reachable customer AV devices without needing a dedicated network connection. In the event that more support is required, nxt|systems provides:

  • Round-the-clock live Help Desk support by industry certified technicians
  • Advanced management capabilities (fault management services and vendor escalation support) focused on the detection, isolation and correction of malfunctions


Whether fixed by our NXT Capture experts or by our vendor partner, NXT Capture ensures minimized downtime.